Reasonable Doubt: Representing yourself in court

Everybody’s doing it, why not you? Well, several reasons. Despite the fact that there is no dearth of information on the Internet to get you started and run your case, it can be really difficult to figure out what is important, what is not, and know if you’re missing anything. The legal process can be long and drawn and out. It can burn you out. The reason lawyers go to law school and spend years really trying to get their careers up and running is in order to learn how to narrow down what is important and how to get the job done properly the first time.

Nonetheless, it’s hard to make a living, especially in this city where the cost of living is so high. Not many people have the funds to hire a lawyer to run their case. I know that if I had to hire a lawyer, I wouldn’t be able to afford one right now. But only having limited funds does not mean legal disaster won’t strike. So what do you do?