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The criminal justice system is a cold and unfeeling place, and once it has you in its vice-like grip the consequences can be both harsh, and long-lasting; the impact on an individual’s family and employment from a criminal charge or conviction can be devastating. For more than a quarter-century, the lawyers at Cobb St. Pierre Lewis have been making it their business to spare those persons who are charged with offences the stress and strain of dealing with the harsh and unfamiliar criminal justice system. In fact, that is all they do and they do it in a professional, results-oriented fashion, working tirelessly from the outset of every case to achieve the best possible result.

Cobb and Lewis

Just because the police believe that you have committed a crime, does not mean that you have—far from it. Our system of criminal justice has as its cornerstone the presumption of innocence. Using every available resource, the lawyers at Cobb St. Pierre Lewis will leave no legal stone unturned in transforming that presumption of innocence into a verdict of NOT GUILTY.

The legal team at Cobb St. Pierre Lewis takes its responsibility to the firm’s clients very seriously. Fully cognizant of the devastating consequences a criminal charge or conviction can have, we are constantly striving to equip ourselves with the latest and most effective techniques to safeguard our client’s interests. We are frequently asked to lecture at and attend legal conferences in the realm of Criminal Law, and our lawyers are constantly sought out for their advice on a wide-range of topics from search and seizure or wiretap investigations to police interrogation and other evidence-gathering techniques.

But ours is not strictly an academic firm; we are in the Courts across this great country on a daily basis, making law and winning cases for the clients who are wise enough to seek out our expertise. Oftentimes a case cannot be won at trial (or, as is commonly the case, is unsucessfully defended at trial by a lawyer outside our firm), and this is where our appellate team goes to work – combing over the conviction and/or sentence for errors that could see the judgment set aside in a higher court.

Our legal team

The lawyers at Cobb St. Pierre Lewis have years of experience successfully defending all manner of Criminal Code offences from simple theft to first degree murder cases. They have an extensive practice defending all charges under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. They are skilled at reviewing and finding the weaknesses in the Crown evidence, in particular they lead the way when it comes to challenging search warrants or wiretap authorizations. The firm also handles all manner of offences under the Motor Vehicle Act and other regulatory or adminstrative offences.

Please call to arrange an appointment for your free initial consultation and let the lawyers at Cobb St. Pierre Lewis put their skills to work for you. They will be courageous and zealous in your defence and leave no viable, lawful avenue of defence unexplored.