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Neil Cobb

Neil Lonsdale Cobb

Neil Lonsdale Cobb has been defending criminal cases in British Columbia for more than a quarter-century. In fact, he practices no other type of law. He is the founding, and senior, partner at Cobb St. Pierre Lewis and, like all of his colleagues, is in Court defending the interests of accused persons more than 200 days a year. He has been recognized for his exceptional contributions by way of Lecturer at Trial Lawyers’ Association conferences in the area of criminal law, and frequently appears in that same capacity at Continuing Legal Education conferences. He has been both a guest and guest host on the popular CKNW legal affairs call-in programme, Judgment Calls.

Neil was born and raised in the rough-and-tumble, Irish working-class neighborhood of Point St. Charles in Montreal’s tough southeast side. His parents were blessed with a dozen children in addition to Neil and many of the skills he now employs in the Courtroom were honed around that always-humming dinner table, though refined in the hallowed halls of Chancellor Day Hall at McGill Law School.

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